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Diesel Hydrant Foton

hydrant foton

Spesifikasi Foton Pump Engine :

The 4JB1 series of FOTON® pump diesel engine is manufactured by combining the Japanese ISUZU® technology, which ensures high reliability, compact structure, and economical price. It is an optimum power solution for water pumps for use in agricultural irrigation and fire fighting fields.

Important Features :
1. The maximum speed is up to 3000rpm.
2. Plunger oil pump is adopted to ensure uniform oil supply to each cylinder. Thus, the machine runs smoothly and stably.
3. The new version VE injection pump ensures compact structure, which effectively improves the machine power.
4. FOTON® pump engine offers overhaul life exceeding 10,000 hours.

Foton Pump Engine1

Spesifikasi Foton Vehicle Engine :

foton Vehicle Engine1


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