Spesifikasi dari Generator Stamford :


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1) Protection class IP23, insulation class H.
2) The standard winding protection can accept up to 95% relative humidity and the alternator is suitable for indoors marine applications.
3) The brushless alternator is equipped with reliable AVR. MX321, MX341, AS440, SX440, SX460, etc
4) Adapted to excitation systems, powered by transistors and fulfilling perfect regulation.
5) The power factor ranges from 0.8 to 1.
6) Telephone influence factor is less than 50, according to NTMA.
7) Transient voltage dip for rated step load at 0.8 power factor is less than 18% .
8) Overload standard according to NEMA.
9) All generator statore are wound to 2/ 3 pitch.

Frequency And Voltage
50Hz or 60Hz as per customer' s request. Voltage from 380 ~ 690V, 190V~ 345V, 220~ 400V, serial star, parralle star and serial delta connection are available, All three-phase generators are 12-lead reconnectable, providing voltage and phase flexibility.
Insulation and Protection
Insulation: H, Protection: IP23

Voltage Regulators
The model we use including: MX321, MX341, AS440, SX440, SX460, etc.

All generator stators are wound to 2/ 3 pitch

Why to choose Werna Alternator/ generator? 
1. 100% copper winding wire
2. In stock and fast delivery
3. Two year warranty
4. Best quality and competitive price
5. Two-time vacuum impregnation dipping
6. powerful quality control team
7. CE, ISO9001
8. Good after-sale service

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